Nonbeliever is the ‘nom de musique’ of Manchester, England based singer-songwriter-producer Stephen Fairbanks.

The Nonbeliever project came about due to advancement and availability of home-recording software, and the decision to keep the songwriting and production simple (no other band members allows for greater freedom, and no studio costs allows for more time for experimentation and play).

Stephen primarily writes songs using his guitar and voice, but expands the songs using synths, bass, drums and whatever else sounds he can make during his home recordings.

Red Flags [2014], A Model of Modern Influence [2015], Maybe It’s Strange [2016], and Cities at Sea [2017] were all created entirely in Stephen’s living room – from initial ideas laid out on guitar, to recording, production, mixing and mastering. The label ‘Nonrefundable Records’ was created to house the material.

He’s probably most active on @nonbeliever or Nonbeliever Music