Maybe It’s Strange – Album Review by Echoes and Dust

It’s difficult as an independent (i.e. unsigned, unfunded, underpromoted) musician to get people to listen to your music, let alone write about it, so it’s always a really nice feeling when someone takes the time to do just that.

The folks at Echoes and Dust were kind enough to lend an ear to Maybe It’s Strange and wrote a really great review for their website.

Here’s a snippet from the review:

Its melody lies beneath a silkscreen of shadows and haunting tones but, at its core its almost up-lifting… I have to wonder whether or not this solo artist uses session musicians or something similar or if he truly is an excellent musical polymath.

It would good for me ego if you could refer to me as the ‘excellent music polymath’ from now on. Thanks all.

Read the full review:

“Maybe It’s Strange” Album review

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